The Maggiolata (May Festival), Lucignano in bloom

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The town of Lucignano bursts into bloom on the last two Sundays of May. The four quarters (GialloRossi, GialloVerdi, NeroBianchi and RossoBlu) compete for the victory with their flower-adorned allegorical floats, and the most beautiful one takes the prize. The theme the quarters must interpret changes every year.

The centre of the town comes alive with multi-coloured flowers, scents and folkloristic groups from all over Italy. On the first Sunday of the festival, the floats parade through the streets of the town, while the second Sunday sees the award ceremony for the victorious quarter and the Flower Battle during which the flowers are stripped off the floats and hurled at the representatives of the opposing quarters.

For further information, visit the site of the Maggiolata

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