Battle of Scannagallo, Pozzo della Chiana

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On the last weekend of May, the Associazione Culturale Scannagallo re-enacts the famous battle between Sienese and Florentine troops fought in 1554 just outside Pozzo della Chiana and immortalized by Giorgio Vasari in his fresco painting (also called Battle of Marciano) in Florence’s Palazzo Vecchio. Particular attention is given to the authenticity of the historical re-enactment.

The military camp is reconstructed on the sports field of Pozzo della Chiana, and the ancient battle is revived with fighting by costumed actors wielding authentic weapons, sword duels, cannon blasts and the “palio del bastone”. On the Sunday, a historical procession through the village closes the festival.

For further information, visit the Battle of Scannagallo site

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