Montepulciano’s Bravìo delle Botti (Barrel Rolling Race)

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The barrel rolling race, an ancient tradition called the Bravžo delle Botti, takes place in Montepulciano on the last Sunday of August. The cityís contrade (quarters) compete for the prize, a painted banner, by rolling 80-kg wine barrels along a 1.8 km uphill course. An exciting race to the last breath. There are eight competing contrade: Cagnano, Collazzi, Le Coste, Gracciano, Poggiolo, San Donato, Talosa and Voltaia.

On Thursday evening of the week prior to the race, there is a procession of candles through Montepulcianoís historical centre, as costumed personages and flag-wavers accompany the candle-bearers in the darkened town.

The Bravžo festival week opens with the proclamation by the Gonfalonier and the presentation of the banner, painted each year by a different artist.

For further information, visit the Bravžo site

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